What!? We Are Moving ?

The thought of living somewhere different, a new house, a new city even a new country has to cross every ones minds some point throughout their lifetime. Me, I never thought of moving to a new country. I mean I loved where I was living, I was somewhat happy and everything was familiar. Besides, I like most people don’t like change.

When the idea came up that we might move over seas, I can say that I honestly didn’t think much of it, I didn’t think that we would ever move countries away from everything and every one we knew. The idea was exciting to think of. New city, new opportunities. Starting again from scratch (wait is that a good thing) Maybe I liked where we lived.

Before I knew it we were on a plane to start our lives in a new country. My fiance received a job offer in July, He accepted that job offer in August and we arrived in Australia early September.


Pros & Cons:


  • Pros.. Shopping. A new bed, furniture, kitchen ware.. Having new jobs, with better pay also bigger and better opportunities for the both of us . Meeting new people, making new friends. Going on new adventures together to places where we haven’t been before.
  • Cons.. We have only got three weeks to plan. That’s not enough time to do everything we need to do. Have to sell nearly everything we own to be able to afford new things in Australia. Not able to have our sentimental items with us. Being so far away from our Family and the friends we already have.

Not Moving:

  • Pros.. Close to Family and Friends. Already in good jobs, might not enjoy them but don’t have to worry about finding new ones any time soon. Knowing the city and greater region inside and out. Being so close to the beach but also close to the city and country.
  • Cons.. Jobs that we don’t particularly enjoy doing. Missing out on new opportunities to grow both of our careers and financial benefits. Being able to go on new and exciting adventures. Moving to Australia…

How we did it: We set a moving date for early September which happened to be in three weeks. We had a lot of things to organise. What were we going to do with our dog? Where were we going to live? How are we going to get out of our current rental contract? The stress started to pile on.. We started to pack up everything we wanted to keep and eventually take over with us. We are lucky enough to have a very supportive family, we could store some of our belongings at their places until we were set up in Australia. I decided to have a garage sale only three days before we left, we managed to sell pretty much everything we needed to. We managed to make a good amount of money. Anything that was leftover we gave to charity. We had 40 kgs each of luggage that we could pack to take on the plane, we only packed clothes, important paperwork and electronics.

When we arrived: When arriving into Australia after we picked up our luggage. Had breakfast, good old McDonald’s hot cakes. Then we picked up our rental car, we had booked it for the first week. This turned out to be so helpful, we had absolutely no idea where we were going or how to get there. Driving (or even being a passenger) in a car while driving in a new country is terrifying! I mean whats up with all these lanes.. There were maybe two lanes for a main road back home. In Australia there are two to three lanes on just about every street. With what seems like only millimetres between vehicles. The GPS was amazing, frustrating at times but if we didn’t have it working we would still probably be trying to find our way out of the airport. We finally arrived in the city where we were staying. We meet up with our host at the local mall. Our host was very friendly and he went out of his way to help us out several times. He showed us up to his apartment. We were staying with him for our first week while looking for places where we could live. Little did I know the apartment was above the mall, yes above the mall!!!  The apartment block we were staying has six individual apartment buildings a gym, pool and spa, library and did I mention it was above a mall. Everything was so convenient and right at your door steep. We decided to ask around if there was any apartments available to rent. We searched online for what seemed like hours and days, we found two apartments in the same complex we were staying in. We had private viewings for both of them. The first one was perfect, great views looking over the pool, pet friendly also on the top floor but just one bedroom. The second one was really nice as well, similar set up as the first, pet friendly, one bedroom but was facing out onto a main road. We decided to go with the first apartment. We moved in within that first week. 15355999_10207601111816090_1079964352_n

What you should consider: You need to be prepared for the worst and be positive, ask yourself… What happens if I can’t find a job? We were lucky that I could get a transfer from my current job to the same company in Australia. My fiance, he had a new job to go to. You defiantly need to be applying for jobs before moving anywhere. Even if this first job you get is temporary, you need to have money coming in so you can support yourself..  What if I can’t find somewhere to live? We had trouble applying for rental properties while in a different country, moving cities that might be different. However every property we applied for we got rejected because we were not living in Australia at that time. Once we moved here, for the first couple of days all we were doing is surfing the internet and calling real estate agents regarding rentals. You do have to be persistent…  Is it lonely? Simple answer is Yes. The first week felt like a holiday. We were together all the time, we hadn’t started work yet. When my fiance did start work (two weeks before I started my job) I was at home alone, bored out of my brain. I became really lonely. I was having second thoughts about moving. I’m not the type that enjoys their own company, for long periods of time. In saying that when I started work everything became a lot better. I had something to do, somewhere to go. Turns out the company that I was transferring to is in the mall below us. You could say I only have a skip, hop and jump to get to work.

Conclusion:  Save, save, save!! We didn’t have enough money saved before we left. We were not planning to move over seas, it literally just happened for us so quickly. We didn’t have enough time to save. If we would have had time I think the whole process would have been less stressful. Be organised.. Making lists of what you need to do weeks even months in advance. Find a job. Look at properties online, you will get a taste of what prices people are asking for. We were lucky that we found an apartment so quickly. Make sure you have a back up plan in case this process takes longer than expected. You will get stressed and that’s okay, I’d be worried if I didn’t get stressed. Get lost.. You will end up on an adventure, somewhere you might not have ever gone before.  Be positive.. It might seem daunting at first but you will grow to like it and if you don’t, your family will welcome you back home with open arms.




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